About Us


Terrapin Wrestling Club is a Non Profit 501-C-3 organization located in College Park, MD.  Our goal is to promote wrestling and to help wrestlers become more competitive on a local, state, national, and international level.  We offer a high level of instruction to a variety of ages and skill levels.

Beginning wrestlers are instructed in the fundamentals of wrestling. Wrestlers learn the rules of the sport and basic techniques of wrestling.

More advanced wrestlers are taught techniques, tactics and strategy. Our clinics are structured around improving technique with emphasis on developing and working from good position on the feet and on the mat. Live wrestling is also a big part of the training.

The training for wrestlers preparing for state and national competition is more intense and customized to suit the individual wrestler. Clinics are a combination of structured drilling, advanced technique, live wrestling, and conditioning.

Elite athletes focus on drilling in individual areas of concentration, tactics and strategy, advanced technique, live situations, and live wrestling conditioning. This is geared to help elite wrestlers who aspire to make national, world and Olympic teams.